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Feminist therapy that is holistic, trauma-informed, and client-led

"Hope is essential to any struggle for radical change"
                 - bell hooks

I provide socially conscious therapy from a place of radical acceptance, care, and compassion.  I will work with you to make sense of your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and patterns.  It is not my aim to help you fit into a standard of normalcy.  Together we can deepen your self-awareness and uncover what keeps you stuck, opening the door to growth & change and ultimately to feeling better.

In session we may explore what is contributing to your pain & suffering by looking at the layers of personal meaning, history, family, trauma, and the socio-cultural environment.  I'll also share tools, skills & resources that we can practice together and you can take into daily life to help you cope and manage with more ease and self-compassion.

My Approach

I use an integrative psychodynamic approach, which means I draw from a wide variety of therapeutic theories and practices.  Many practices I tend to bring in come from parts-work (IFS & TIST), narrative, polyvagal theory, emotion-focused, compassion-based, and relational therapies.  I adapt my approach based on each client’s unique experiences, goals and needs. 


My practice is…

  • Queer & trans positive, feminist, and anti-racist: the personal is political – this extends into the therapy room and I attend to the dynamics of power & safety that exist within this relationship

  • Grounded in the principles of anti-oppression:  much of the distress people experience is based in systemic oppression & structural violence.  This informs how I understand individuals’ pain, and I invite you to name and process experiences of oppression & injustice

  • Somatic:  we can include grounding exercises, mindful breathing, and other practices to work with the body & nervous-system to deepen your healing.  I love being informed by neurobiology, so we can work with your brain & nervous system

  • Trauma-Informed:  trauma is complicated, complex, and can influence all areas of a person’s life.  We can work to lessen the ongoing impacts of trauma so you can live your life more fully

  • Client-Centered:  therapy is your space and you decide, at every turn, what pace & direction we take

  • Strength-Based:  each of us has strengths and the power to heal ourselves.  We will draw on your internal resources and build your sense of empowerment

  • Educational: I believe knowledge is power and I prioritize sharing information and resources to help people better understand their experiences and to feel more empowered to change

  • Holistic:  I will work with all the parts of you – emotional, mental, physical, political, historical, and cultural.  I will work with your wounds, your strengths, your resilience.

Areas of Expertise


In my practice I have particular expertise and centre issues of:

  • low self-esteem

  • body image

  • depression, low mood

  • anxiety

  • trauma (including childhood abuse, developmental trauma & neglect, experiences of abuse & violence in adulthood)

  • relationship struggles

  • parent-child relationships in adulthood

  • motherhood & parenting challenges

  • pregnancy loss, miscarriage & fertility/infertility struggles

  • gender-based & sexual violence

  • vicarious trauma & burnout

  • identity (i.e. sexuality, gender, race, ability)

  • grief & loss

  • the impacts of oppression

Who I Work With:

I work with people from a diverse range of identities and experiences.  Within this, I have a specific focus on:

Mothers & those in mothering roles: motivated by my own lived experience, as well as my research on the social construction of motherhood & mother blame, I am passionate about supporting mothers in all stages of the journey.  Some of the issues that I often work with are the identity shift of becoming a mother/parent, postpartum depression & anxiety, scary thoughts, anger, burnout, feeling overwhelmed, isolation, guilt & shame, impacts of past trauma on parenting, and the social pressures to be a perfect mother.


I define 'mother' broadly, beyond the Western, white, heterosexual limits:  my practice includes queer, trans, single, step, adoptive & foster moms, and others who step into mothering roles. I recognize the path to parenthood comes in many forms, and that many people's experience of becoming a parent doesn't fit the social norm. These 'non-normative' paths and families are affirmed & welcomed in my practice.  You can read more about this work here.

Frontline community workers & caregivers:  the load that you carry is heavy.  Struggles with burnout, overwhelm, and vicarious trauma stay with us beyond the work hours and you rarely get the support you need.  I know because I have been there; now I want to help you make sense of what you're feeling and find ways to manage, cope, set boundaries, and get your needs met too.

Youth:  As a former youth worker for over 10 years, I am honored to work with youth ages 12 and older.  Whether you're struggling with hard feelings, trying to figure out who you are, feeling bad about yourself, having problems in your family, school, or with friends - I will be with you as you find your way.  Therapy is your space.  We can talk, make art, listen to music, write, do activities:  whatever works for you.

Session Details


$125/session (HST included), payable by e-transfer on the day of each session

*some sliding scale spots available for clients with financial constraints | please note sliding scale spots are currently full; reach out for more information or to get on a waitlist


If you have insurance/benefits, psychotherapy may be covered for you.  Check with your insurance provider to determine if my services (registered psychotherapist) are covered.



*A session is 50 minutes long, usually beginning on the hour

*Please note I am only seeing clients virtually, either on zoom or by phone


Initial Consultation

I offer a free 30-minute consultation for us to get to know each other and see if it feels like a good fit.  This is an opportunity for you to tell me about yourself, what brings you to therapy, and to ask any questions you have about therapy or my approach.


Cancellation Policy

I ask for at least 24 hour notice by email for a cancellation.  A late cancellation or missed appointment will result in a full session fee.

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change"
                         - Carl Rogers

My Approach
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